Extron | Senior Visual Designer

Work History

In my current role at Extron, I serve as the lead designer for multiple products across various platforms and guiding initiatives like design system visual development and documentation standardization. Some specific contributions I've made include:

  • spearheading design system iterations and strategy

  • initiating and improving documentation

  • maintaining asset libraries

  • key member of Voice+Tone team

  • key member of 'uxCore' system team

  • design liaison for system engineering

  • mentoring junior designers

  • delivering cross-team presentations on design thinking


At NET eSolutions, I provided design services and maintenance for the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences' websites. My contributions included:

  • defining project scopes

  • enhancing page layouts

  • prototyping UI components

  • handling support tickets

  • maintaining the CMS

2018 Jan–2018 Jul

NET eSolutions | Visual Designer

2017 Jun–2017 Dec

Zealic Solutions was contracted by IQVIA (formerly Quintiles) to create a global sales platform used by 140 Life Science companies across 90 countries. My involvement in the “Orchestrated Customer Engagement” tool included:

  • close collaboration with Product Owners to map features

  • contributed components to IQVIA's design system, Apollo

  • mentored junior designers

Zealic Solutions | Visual Designer


Cisco Systems set up the Virtual Experience Center (VXS) to offer engaging sales presentations to potential clients. In the initial team, I was involved in:

  • creating storyboards, digital set assets, and Tricaster presets

  • editing presentations for digital catalogs

  • establishing project operation procedures for VXS studios globally

Cisco Systems | Visual Designer + Media Editor


Reactiv Designs, LLC, an apparel startup focused on crafting performance wear for the Esports sector using functional textiles. As the Creative Director I:

  • led the development of the brand's visual identity and tone

  • managed the contracting of graphic design talent

  • oversaw the creation of sales and marketing materials

  • designed jerseys for various Esport organizations

RE:Active Designs, LLC | Co-Founder + Creative Director


IVC operated as an app agency, crafting products for clients in compensation, oil & gas, and pharmaceuticals. My involvement included contributing to design and front-end code for specific projects:

  • Payscale Insight: I designed and coded page components and layouts

  • Bioventus CMS: I designed and coded the agent document portal

  • Cary Oil Agent: I conducted user interviews to refresh system styles

IVC | Visual Designer + Front-End Developer



Using the Eames 1964 short film Powers of 10 as a launching point, this talk explored processes and natural consequences around designing patterns and components within various scopes.

TronCon | 10,000 Ft Perspective


Strategies and considerations to keep in mind when communication with coworkers in order to have more effecient communication.

TronCon | Effective (Crossteam) Communication


How to think through the challenges of accurately presenting an identity be it yourself, a product, a corporation through the tools of visual development, interactions, and voice+tone.

UC Berkeley guest lecturer | Designing Authentic Content